Disinfection, Methods of Sterilization and Infection Control Training

Infection control training and education in the methods of sterilisation of instruments is essential in office-based practices for continuing professional development and accreditation. Two online programs have been developed to provide individuals with up-to-date information and training based on the recommendations in AS/NZS4815:2006 (which is derived from AS/NZS4187:2003).

These Infection Control training programs can be completed online simply and conveniently at any time and any place with a certificate of completion emailed on the same day. They are easy to follow, simple to use and cost effective – simply choose the online course that is right for your requirements and register for immediate access to the training program. Go to our Online Sterilization and Infection Control training page to descide which is the correct program for your requirements. Work in the comfort of your own space at a time and pace which suits you.

Cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation of dental instruments and Cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation of surgical instruments.

Course one is designed for any practice sterilising instruments on site – medical, dental, podiatry, veterinary, tattoo and body piercing sites.

Topics covered include – Basic Microbiology, Spread of infection, methods of infection transmission, Infection Control, Handling of used items, standard precautions, Cleaning processes, Disinfection and Disinfectants, Packaging materials and methods, Steam Sterilisation - principles, practices, methods of sterilization and sterilization equipment including steam sterilizers and ultrasonic cleaner, Loading and unloading the steriliser, Storage of sterile goods, Validation of the sterilising process, Monitoring and record keeping, Policies and Procedures

Sterilisation and infection control guidelines and the Validation of the sterilising process

Course two is designed for practices that send their instruments off site for processing – topics include Basic Microbiology, Spread of infection, methods of infection transmission, Infection Control, Handling of used items, standard precautions, Cleaning processes, Storage of sterile goods, record keeping, Policies and Procedures.

Do you need help in your practice?

If you are looking for onsite education and training on sterile processing have a look at our Onsite practice assessment, education and training. We can teach from the basics of steam sterilization including steam sterilization autoclave and steam sterilization parameters and sterilization of surgical instruments. through to policy and procedure manuals.