Lin Lochead

Lin Lochead

Sterilisation & Infection Control Consultant

Online Course 1: Certification of sterilization processes including methods of sterilization and infection control training

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Course one is designed for practices that sterilise instruments on site

Content includes:

  • Basic Microbiology – growth and reproduction of micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, prions and fungi,
  • Infection – Spread of disease, methods of transmission of infection
  • Infection Control Training – prevention of cross-infection, breaking the infection cycle, hand hygiene, proper hand washing techniques, personal protective equipment (PPE’s), wearing gloves and masks, Standard Precautions
  • Handling of used items – Worksafe requirements, risk assessment, standard precautions
  • Cleaning – cleaning instruments, methods of cleaning such as manual instrument cleaning and ultrasonic cleaners, correct use of ultrasonic cleaners, cleaning agents (detergents), cleaning the surgery.
  • Disinfection and Disinfectants
  • Packaging – materials and methods
  • Sterilisation – basics of steam sterilisation, sterilising practices, practical methods of sterilization, types of sterilisers including steam sterilizers
  • Loading and unloading the steriliser
  • Storage of sterile goods – shelf life, storage facilities
  • Validating your process – what is validation, how to validate the process, how often the process is validated, who validates the process
  • Monitoring the process – what to look for
  • Record keeping – what to record, documentation of each load, legal requirements, how long the records are kept
  • Policies and Procedures – why they are essential, how to write them, who reads them, who signs them.

Other topics covered:

  • Methods for sterilization
  • Infection Control training
  • Sterilisation standards and sterilisation guidelines
  • Infection control procedures and guidelines
  • Surgical Sterilization using steam sterilization autoclave
  • $159.00
  • Course Certificate