Lin Lochead

Lin Lochead

Sterilisation & Infection Control Consultant

Handbooks for a variety of Cleaning, Disinfection and sterilisation including: Surgical instruments, Office-based practice, guidelines for dental surgeries, and Podiatry Practices.

Handbooks are available for the following specialties in private practice:

  • General
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Podiatry

Infection Control Procedures, and Standards for Office-based practices.

AS/NZS4815:2006 in simple language

Each one of the handbooks is written in “plain English” and are intended to act as a quick reference for the day-to-day activities carried out in all surgeries/facilities. All of the information contained within these handbooks is based on AS/NZS4815:2006

Topics covered include:

  • Work Flow principles
  • Cleaning/Cleaning Agents
  • Thermal and Chemical Disinfection
  • Packaging methods and materials
  • Operation of a Steriliser
  • Disinfection and sterilisation of surgical instruments
  • Validation & Monitoring the Process
  • Documentation
  • Storage and Shelf life
  • Policies and procedures