Lin Lochead

Lin Lochead

Sterilisation & Infection Control Consultant

Onsite practice assessment, education and training

Onsite practice assessment to evaluate current practices

Onsite Infection Control and Sterilization training including the use of a steam steriliser, validation of the process, policies and procedures.
Quality assurance audits to identify infection control risks.

Onsite practice assessment, audits and education

Do you need help in your practice with sterile processing?

An experienced consultant can visit your clinic/surgery to assess the facility with regards to infection control. This visit includes a written report and a staff education session based on the findings (including up-to-date information from Australian/New Zealand Standards).

Available for all dental clinics, medical practices, day surgeries, podiatry clinics, endoscopy units.

“Basics of steam sterilization and sterile processing”

An on-site visit of the clinic/surgery to asses the facility with regards to infection control includes a staff education session based on the findings (including up-to-date information from Australian Standards), a written report, and 20 basic sterilisation/infection control policies and procedures specific to the practice. Email for a quote.

Seminars on Sterilisation Techniques and the Validation Process

As education in this field is essential for patient/client safety, staff protection and accreditation compliance, these seminars are being offered over a three hour evening session aimed at Practical methods of implementing the correct processes as recommended by AS/NZS 4815:2006 including cleaning, disinfection, sterilisation, tracking, records and the validation process.

They are suitable for ALL staff involved in reprocessing instruments and equipment in medical, dental, podiatry and allied health facilities. To arrange for a seminar, email for a quote.

Onsite training including basics principles of steam sterilization and steam sterilizers.

Policy and Procedure manuals

A Policy and Procedure Manual is essential for any legal defence and is also an integral part of a validated process. The purpose of the manual is to instruct all staff on the recommended guidelines for all procedures within the Practice and to provide uniformity of quality care.

For the infection control component, a manual can be written based on Australian Standards (AS4815) which contains 20 basic policies and procedures that can get you started and is personalised for your practice

The Policies include;

  • General principles
  • Immunisation
  • Handwashing
  • Handling used items
  • Cleaning instruments
  • General cleaning
  • Use of an ultrasonic cleaner
  • Drying of Instruments
  • Packaging/wrapping instruments
  • Loading the steriliser
  • Operating the Steriliser
  • Unloading the steriliser
  • Calibration of the steriliser
  • Validation of the process
  • Daily Monitoring of the process
  • Transportation of sterile/unsterile items to/from other sites
  • Records
  • Storage
  • Needlestick/Sharps injuries
  • Blood/Body Fluid spills
  • Waste Disposal